Used Daiwa Beef Stick Fishing Rod - 12ft

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Used Daiwa Beef Stick Fishing Rod - 12ft

  • Action : Extra Heavy
  • Length : 12ft
  • Line Rating :15-24KG
  • Pieces : 2
  • Type : Spinning Rod

Tradition meets contemporary looks and styling with the release of the new Daiwa Beefstick. With homage to the traditional solid tip fibreglass rods of the past, Daiwa gives the much-loved workhorse a makeover to deliver anglers a rod series that doesn't disappoint in performance, design, or value. Featuring a matt black finish, the Beefstick has a graphite/glass butt for unmatched strength and durability, with the lower section featuring a carbon wrap for added strength and weight reduction.

A solid integrated tip provides ultimate sensitivity, yet delivers unmatched durability. Solid, yet sensitive guides provide ultimate connectivity between angler and fish, with their ultra-tough construction handling the rigours of angling, while their sensitive design delivers anglers unmatched feel for a rod of its price. If you're looking for a modern twist on the rod that your grandfather had when you were a child, the new Daiwa Beefstick is the range for you.

FULL GRIP - A one-piece, single, rear grip that runs from the reel seat to the end of the rod.

SOLID TIP - Solid tips feature a solid non-tubular construction that tapers down during the tip wrapping process, making for a slim tip with optimal bite detection.

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