Line & Leader – Fluoro Leader

Your fishing line can play a big role in how many catches you land on an outing. Mahigeer Water Sports will help you land more with fishing line and leader from many top brands. We carry premium braided and monofilament fishing lines designed for different fishing locations, techniques and species. Lines come in lengths of up to 2000 yards for deep sea fishing, with numerous shorter lengths available for any application. We also have saltwater fishing leader wires for increased protection from inshore hazards, and you can even buy fluorocarbon leader with advanced abrasion resistance and hooking power.

In addition to selecting your line type, length and strength, you'll also want to pick out the right color. Beginner anglers will want to stick with a high-visibility color like white, yellow or orange. Low-visibility colors such as green and bronze are great for inshore saltwater fishing, as they blend in with muddy substrate. Red lines attract toothy fish in top water, but become less visible as they sink deeper, making it ideal for bottom fishing. No matter when, where and how you fish, you'll enjoy worldwide shipping and no-hassle returns when you order from Mahigeer Water Sports.