Nets & Ropes

Whether you're looking to cast a wide net in your fishing adventure or need a net for any other use, Mahigeer Water Sports has the right gear. We have many different types nets and ropes to offer according to your requirement .

Net for Every Adventure & Sports

Our nets for sale include many options for catching fish plus different types of sports or any other purpose. Choose from a variety of cast nets that can save you money on baitfish while providing the freshest, liveliest bait anywhere. In addition, we carry dip nets for transferring baitfish cleanly and safely from your live well. We also have minnow traps to catch live bait and crab traps for catching crustaceans. Adding nets for Cricket grounds, Football, Golf, Hockey, Birds, Double cabin trunk cover, Construction safety and for many other purposes.

We also have ropes of many types to full fill needs of all which includes Monofilament, Nylon, Sisal Rope, manila rope and many other.