Araty ColorVision Fishing Line 0.45mm|26.2LB 100meter connected spools

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Araty ColorVision Fishing line is the best value for money among the lines with excellent quality. Extremely strong and reliable surpassing all similar lines. Produced in Multi colors, that is colorful, it adapts well to the conditions of rivers, lakes, ponds and even on the coasts with excellent camouflage in murky waters.

Special for hand fishing and reels.

Excellent knot
resistance Super abrasion resistant
Color that allows for camouflage
Great value for money

Diameter: 0.40mm - Resistance 20.7 lb / 9.4kg
Diameter: 0.45mm - Resistance 26.2 lb / 11.9kg
Diameter: 0.50mm - Resistance 34.2 lb / 15.5kg
Diameter: 0.60mm - Resistance 45.2 lb / 20.5kg
Diameter: 0.70mm - Resistance 56.9 lb / 25.8kg
Diameter: 0.80mm - Resistance 71.2 lb / 32.3kg