Asahi Jig

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The slow jigs are made with one heavier side and one novel ladder-like side, creating the jig with flat fall erratic sliding and wobbling motions – super easy to work to achieve peak action
  • Unlike “speed jigging” where jig falls in a straight line, the slow jigs will be fluttering all way down, giving chances to slower species to grab the lure and increasing your chances of catching fish
  • Striking holographic colors and with multi-angle laser coating, ideal for reflecting light and attracting fish from a significant distance
  • With luminous stripes (Glow)– in low light or murky waters, luminous tackle mirrors actual biological triggers that encourage fish to bite
  • Brilliant for a very broad range of fish species and a very broad range of fish sizes: trout, tunas, bluefin, yellowfin, kingfish, cobia, amberjacks, jacks, bonito, snappers, groupers
  • Made in Japan