Berkley ProSpec® 5x10 Metered Braid

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At last - a premium metered braid that fully suits the needs of the big game angler. New Berkley® ProSpec® 5 x 10 Metered Braid is ProSpec® Premium Braid marked with a 5-color pattern_each color is 10-foot in length for easy and repeatable marking of line depth and distance. Fish at the right depth or distance will help you catch more fish.


  • Very thin Diameter. 
  • Extreme Strength
  • Five-color pattern, each color is 10-feet, for a 100-foot total pattern
  • For precise and easily repeatable marking of line depth and distance
  • 100% High-Tenacity Dyneema® PE microfibers - One of the strongest braids in the market
  • 8-Carrier Construction - Round and smooth, stacks better on reels