Berkley Super Fireline PE1|0.17mm|16LB|100m connected spool

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The Berkley Super Fireline braided fishing line is designed specifically for Casting & bottom fishing. Super Fireline is braided line with micro-fusion process, making the braided line into a relatively hard mono line. Through its fusion process, it is equipped with super abrasion resistance, and this new model Super Fireline has 3% more strength than original. The new line also has more slippery coating to add 17% casting distance. The lb.-test ratings are now renewed to match Japan fishing industry standards for accurate diameter. Color: Lime Green

The line is:

  • PE Superline
  • Dynemma
  • PE1 (16lbs/7.2kg)
  • 100meter connected spools upto 1200meters.
  • Incredibly Strong - 3 x stronger than mono.
  • Ultra-Thin - to keep line drift to a minimum to get jigs down fast to there intended prey.
  • Has No Memory - allowing for long and fast casts to be made.
  • Incredible Sensitivity - Telegraphic feel for structure and strikes.