Fishing Shoulder & Back Harness | Adjustable

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Shoulder Harness is the perfect choice for stand-up battles .The lycra polyester covered bio-foam shoulder and back-band padding (with synthetic terry cloth liners) connected with ventilated mesh distribute the load comfortably across the back of the angler, and allow the shoulders and upper body to carry the load during extended light to medium-tackle fights with stubborn gamefish. The steel ladder-locks are easily adjustable for the perfect fit, even when under load, and cross-lock clips provide a secure attachment to reel harness lugs. All of the nylon webbing straps are cross and box-stitched at the critical locations for extreme durability. The Shoulder Harness is completely synthetic and machine washable.

  • Can be used with both conventional and spinning reels.
  • Vest Made of soft PVC mesh, the waist-protecting part is made of high-pressure injection molding. High-strength, lightweight, ventilated and breathable. Not susceptible to seawater corrosion, longer service life.
  • Fishing shoulder strap let your fishing more easily, two straps are used to tie fishing reel up tightly with two metal lock catches. It distributes the load efficiently and prevents sprains and shoulder instability.
  • Strong enough, makes you comfortable and protects your back. Padding backing providing less strain when fighting a fish.
  • Shoulder straps can be adjusted according to different body types. No matter what your body size, you can always adjust to the size that fits you most. Provide a perfect fit and also added comfort. Reinforced cross webbing on the back provides extra durability.