Fukushima Crankbait Minnow 50|2.5gm

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Fukushima Crankbait Minnow Lures are one of the top selling worldwide lures for over 20 years. This lure series comes in many natural colors/patterns. These lures are designed with weight transfer system for improved casting. Long casting bait designed for a fast, ripping style retrieve that produces an erratic side-to-side swim action to draw predator's attention.These lures have a polycarbonate lip, this allows them to get over the structure and into the strike zone. TheFukushima Crankbait Minnow Luresare perfect for casting, and trolling with a tight wiggling action. Ideally these lures should be used spring, fall, night or day.Realistic scale pattern and 3-D eyes; heavy duty saltwater VMC hooks.The Fukushima Minnow is a floating lure that has a tight S action to imitate a real fish swimming. This lure sinks when retrieved to a level so you will get many bites on the fall and its weight and small lip helps it cast in windy conditions.They are great when used for lake or stream fishing or sea fishing. However, they are a multispecies bait for both freshwater and saltwater fishing techniques.

  • 50mm = 2.5g
  • 70mm = 6g
  • 90mm = 9g
  • VMC Sharp treble hooks for quick penetration
  • Stainless steel split rings
  • Molded body
  • Holographic foil finish
  • Weight transfer system
  • Available in 3 different sizes
  • Buoyancy Floating
  • Perfect for Fresh/Saltwater Casting
  • Go to depth of 3m when trolled or retrieved.