Halco Laser Pro 140|2.5m

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Often recognized as the world's best Bluewater trolling lure, the Laser Pro is a must have for novice and expert anglers alike.

Checkout the entire size range below, spanning from the delicate Laser Pro 45, all the way up to the flagship Laser Pro 190!

The Laser Pro 140 provides a delicious medium sized baitfish profile to add to your spread. Species such as Tuna sometimes won't bite the big stuff, so the 140 provides that option when they're feeding on something smaller.

Unlike many previous designs, the Laser Pro 140 is designed using Halco’s clear technology polymers to include features never before offered in the hugely popular trolling lure range!

  • 2.5 meter
  • Trolling Lure
  • Weight 24 gm
  • Buoyancy Floating
  • 140mm/5.5 inches