Halco Max 130|80gm

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This Halco Max 130 is a cutting edge bibless minnow that can do the lot, be it jigging, casting or trolling. The Max has a highly streamlined design that gives this 80 gram winner unbeatable casting ability, while allowing trolling speeds up to 12 knots with minimal trolling resistance.

The slender tail section is designed for maximum hook exposure on the strike. The Max 130 represents the lure of the future. It goes without saying that Max incorporates Halco’s legendary toughness and durability that keep Halco ahead of the rest.

A stand-out favourite colour is the R15 Chrome Pink- a must have when chasing large schools of Mackerel. Whether you’re working feeding fish, prospecting around bommies, or casting from shore into wash, the Max is an excellent bibless minnow lure choice.

When trolling offshore, be sure to add a Halco Max 130 or Max 190 to your spread of lures. You never know what may take a liking to it. Max was named the Best New Hard Body Lure at the 2007 Australian Tackle Show.

  • Halco Tackle Australia
  • Made In indonesia 
  • Perfect Lure for Casting and Trolling Application.
  • 130mm or 5.1 inch in size 
  • Buoyancy Sinking
  • 80 Grams weight