Halco Sorcerer 150|8mtr

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The ultimate cast and retrieve lure with unique tight action and body roll that will mesmerize many species of sports fish. Featuring a light rattle and clear bib with Halco’s Bulletproof bib securing system for added strength when clearing snags.




Although mainly trolled, the 150 is a great casting lure for big salt and fresh water species. The “butterknife” tail aid in easy casting and the lure quickly descends to the depth engraved on the lure bib. When trolling areas of structure, the buoyancy of the lure and the “butterknife” tail allow the lure to back off any snags after the line has been allowed to slacken off. It may not work every time but is essential when trolling down close to structure that may snag your lure.





To achieve an even faster trolling speed, remove the center hook. If you wish to use heavier hooks, then use Mustad 2/0’s on the front and rear hook hanger. Do not put one on the center hook hanger. It will upset the balance of the lure as well as causing hook meshing.


  • Weight 30gm
  • 150mm/5.9inches
  • 8 meter depth