Halco Wind On Leader

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Halco’s Wind On Leader is made from some of the finest components available to maximize durability. Using Guides Choice Spectra and quality Japanese monofilament leader material, Halco have produced a simple leader that you can trust when the pressure’s on..

Available in two lengths, 15ft (4.54m) and 25ft (7.57m) long, this leader is wound on and has multiple strength options to choose from, making it ideal for targeting species such as Snapper, Jewfish, and reef species. The high quality materials used ensures the Halco Wind On Leader passes through your rod smoothly when casting and retrieving your line, as well as being a durable abrasion-resistant product ideal for shore fishing and reef fishing.


Available Sizes

Length 15ft 40lb 60lb 80lb
Length 25ft 100lb 150lb 200lb 300lb 400lb
  • 15 FT, 25 FT
  • 40LB TO 80LB (15FT), 100LB TO 400LB (25FT)