Rapala CountDown® Magnum® 11

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IGFA records confirm that these are the world's number one saltwater hard bodied lure. Built to take the abuse of hard hitting fish like blues, tarpon, tuna and wahoo the Rapala Magnum® CountDown® is rigged saltwater tough. Metal lip, welded line tie, heavy-duty split rings and Perma Steel hooks provide long life and premium performance. Made of super tough African Abachi wood, these sinking lures swim true at any speed, cast or trolled. More World Record fish have been caught with these Rapalas than any other lure. Magnums® are truly "Your Best Shot At A World Record."

  • 11cm or 4.33 inches in size
  • 27 gm in weight
  • Made in Finland
  • Construction - Super Tough African Abachi Wood
  • Features - Sinking Design
  • Swim Action - Classic Rapala "Wounded Minnow"
  • For both Fresh & Saltwater
  • Terminal Tackle - VMC® Perma Steel® Hooks
  • Rugged Rust Resistant Hardware
  • Natural and Stimulator Patterns
  • Hand-Tuned & Tank-Tested