Halco Stainless Steel Ball Bearing Swivel with Tournament Snap

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This solid stainless steel ball bearing swivel with tournament-grade snap is engineered to survive repeated feisty battles with large sharp-toothed predators. The tournament snap shape offers minimal water resistance, while the ball bearing ensures fluid rotation to reduce line-tangle. The stainless steel ball bearing swivel has two welded rings for maximum line security in the toughest offshore conditions, while the tournament-grade snaps are corrosion resistant, black-coated for stealth, and high quality for maximum catchability.

This product has the strongest breaking strain (320 pounds) of Halco’s swivel with snap combinations, partly due to the strength of the ball bearing, two welded swivel rings, and tournament-grade snap.

Available Size

  • Size 1 - 70LB - 5 pieces
  • Size 3 - 120LB - 5 pieces
  • Size 4 - 171LB - 5 pieces
  • Size 5 - 262LB - 3 pieces
  • Size 6 - 320LB - 3 pieces