The Original King Getter

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This is the most effective and productive lure ever designed for King Mackerel as evident of the record it holds, and is as effective on a variety of saltwater species. 

  • The King Getter comes in 4  dazzling colors . Blue, Green, Yellow and Gold.
  • 6.5 inch lure
  • anodized aluminum and brass construction with Permaplated hooks.
  • Made in USA.

How to Achieve Best Performance

  • Rigging : Attach a 6', approximately 60Lb test plastic coated leader directly to second ring on lure with crimping sleeve. Attach swivel to other end of leader with crimping sleeve. Not do not use swivel next to lure, lure will run erratic.
  • Rod & Line : Use a 6.5 to 7.5 FT medium rod and 20LB to 80LB test monofilament line. When lure is working properly, rod tip will have a constant, hard vibration and lure will run at approximately 4.5 feet.
  • Trolling speed : Will vary according to boat and sea conditions. When trolling more than one lure, lures should be staggered from 20 feet to 70 feet behind the boat to prevent entanglement. Note : If lure is running erratic or coming out of the water, trolling speed is too great. Reduce speed until lures are working properly.