Williamson Tandem Assist Hooks - 2 pairs

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The hottest technique in blue water jigging assist hooks are rigged at the top of the lure where fish usually attack prey. The tandem staggered and opposing hook directions maximize hook-ups without fouling the lure or main line. With this rigging the fish is not able to use the weight of the lure as a lever and throw the hook. It also reduces the risk of the lures snagging the bottom or wreck.

  • 2 pairs each pack of 2 different sizes
  • Available hook size  4/0|6/0, 6/0|8/0 & 8/0|10/0
  • Two staggered, opposing Black Nickel VMC® hooks
  • Heavy-duty Dacron with protection tubing that prevents chafing
  • Stiff rig avoids tangling around leader