XS Scuba Brawn Octopus

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Whether you own the Brawn regulator or not, the XS Scuba Brawn Octopus deserves serious consideration. It is pneumatically-balanced with an integrated venturi control lever to prevent freeflow when not in use. Don’t make a bad situation worse by giving your buddy a hard-to-breathe octopus, give them the XS Scuba Brawn Octopus and let them relax.

XS Scuba Brawn Octopus Features:
Hi-viz yellow front cover and hose allows for easy identification in an emergency.
Pneumatically-balanced to provide superior breathing performance
An integrated venturi lever allows the diver to turn off the venturi when the regulator is out of the mouth. This prevents unwanted freeflow
36 in. yellow hose provides extra length for your buddy

XS Scuba Brawn Octopus Specifications:
Type - Pneumatically balanced
Inhalation Control Knob - No
Venturi lever - Yes
Mouthpiece - Dual density silicone
Hose type - Rubber, yellow
Hose length - 36 inches