Yo-Zuri Bonita

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The original high speed trolling hard bait. The BONITA is great vibration type lure that has gained real respect among high speed saltwater trolling. Its rolling action imitates the movements of Bonita, mackerel and other baitfish favored by marlin and tuna. Poly Balsa urethane construction for unbelievable durability. Properly balanced for super swimming action. Super-sharp, corrosion resistant salt water double hooks Featuring the patented Power Body, this is most durable trolling lure on the market. Designed to be fished behind a trolling lead or straight off the rod tip. This versatile trolling lure can be pulled from 6-15 knots and features a tight swimming action. 

  • 6.62inches/170mm
  • 126 gram weight
  • Proprietary “Power Body"
  • Stainless Steel Wire-Thru Construction
  • Flat Forged Stainless Steel Hooks