Fly Fish Soft Bait - Rigged

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The Flying Fish is just a great all around fun lure to slow troll or drop from the kite when need be. We also like to use as teasers in the spread. Its always a good idea to have a couple in your arsenal. It's strong and thick. It's an artifact for catching tuna and other large baits. It can swing back and forth in the water through its big wings and soft body. It seems to be swimming. It's a good helper to attract big fish!

  • Weight 63gm
  • Length 59cm
  • Soft PVC material, 3D simulation fish, imitating flying fish design, vivid
  • Target fish: Tuna, marlin, mackerel, Spanish mackerel
  • Fully Rigged with 130lb Mono and Stinger Hook
  • Equipped with Top Quality hooks for big game fishing