XS Scuba Stalker Camo Mask

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The Stalker mask was introduced a few years ago and quickly gained popularity among freedivers and spearos. To provide more options to your spearo customers, we now offer three camouflage versions. Available in black camo, green camo and blue camo using the latest water transfer technology on the silicone mask skirts.

  • Camo look blends into the environment

  • Lenses brought in close to the diver’s eyes for maximum peripheral vision

  • The matte finish of the silicone skirt prevents light reflection

  • The buckles allow for simple pull tightening and counter-posed squeeze buttons for loosening

  • The buckles are positioned directly on the skirt minimizing weight and drag

  • The low volume prolongs the need for equalization and allows easy clearing

  • Includes mask storage box