Youvella 11717 Bait Holder Hooks - 100pcs

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  • Carbon Steel
  • 100% orignal made in Korea
  • For both freshwater and saltwater fishing
  • Bait Holder
  • Allround baitholder hook. Ideal for endless of applications, both in fresh and saltwater, Ringed. Reversed beak point for great performance.
  • Chemically pointed
  • Box of 100 hooks
  • Opti-Angle Needle Point
  • Kirbed
  • 1 Extra Strong
  • Ringed
  • Nickel finish

Youvella Co., Ltd. was established in 1976. Over the past 20years we have been specializing in the engineering of metal heat treatment.

During this period through our very extensive research and development program we have conceived many new and innovative ideas, which have or are currently being patented. With the unique knowledge and experience gathered during this period in 1987 we decided to commence the manufacture of fishing hooks.

We undertook a very extensive development program over the next 5 years and in 1993 having engaged the services of some 1800 people(research staff and other personnel) using our acquired cutting edge technology, production was finally commenced to supply an unrivaled quality range of High Carbon hooks to the world market.

In 1996 having experienced a huge and unexpected early demand form our now larger valued and satisfied customer base for the hooks, it became necessary to move to a much larger factory in order to increase our production capacity and to maintain and extend even further Our R&D Fishing Hook Program. This was a very important turning point in our history.

During 1999 Youvella were awarded the ISO9002 Quality Certificate for quality assurance.

We were not only able to compete with any of the other international hook manufacturers on quality but we now had the ability and capacity to enhance our volume to meet the huge demand being experienced and still remain at very competitive prices. A stride, which we hope, will one make one day make us world leaders in the field.